About Pool Construction San Antonio

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Trinity Outdoor Living, Inc. is family owned and operated located in New Braunfels and central to San Antonio.  Our experience as well as our list of satisfied customers spans over 20 years and 3 states.  We have been providing pool and spa services in Arizona, California and Texas since 1990 and have held contractor’s licenses in each.  The Trinity team is led by Robert “Bobby” Johnson on every project – all of our team members are personally trained by him in all phases of new pool construction, maintenance and repair.  Bobby himself meets with all inspectors ensuring city clearance the first time, every time.  Bobby’s personal attention and involvement in each project result in met deadlines and a streamlined process.

Able to meet all of your pool and spa needs in Texas, Trinity can assist with the design process or build from existing plans.  Trinity has experience working with natural stones and tiles, as well as the exposed aggregate technique finish.  Able to turn-around a project within a significantly shorter time frame than larger firms, Trinity is dedicated to customer satisfaction which is ensured through its “in-house” approach on each project.

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